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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 23, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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they are cherishing the years to come. >> god talked to me, i really saw the image, he blessed me to be free again. >> he said we're going to be all right mama. i'm quite sure he's going to be all right because the lord let me live to see him get out. >> ross is originally from louisiana and says he will be taking a much needed vacation there to see his four adult children. this morning a former actor and theater teacher is accused of child molestation. police in pleasant hill began investigating 27-year-old jason pedroza of san bruno. he turned himself in yesterday. police believe the alleged crimes happened while he was working with the center repertory company. the company says he was fired from his job in november, pedroza also worked at a walnut creek ballet school and police are urging anyone who might have
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had contact with pedroza to contact them. the list of suspects is growing, a fifth person now has been charged in the high-profile killing of a south bay millionaire. 32-year-old katrina marie fritz was arraigned on murder and robbery charges yesterday. detectives claim she is a prostitute who the victim often hired. kumra was killed in a home invasion last november. fritz's brother is one of the three men charged in the case. another suspect prostitute, raven dixon has already been charged as an accessory. on the peninsula today a gun buy-back event spear-headed by two bay area fathers is taking place this morning on the peninsula. menlo park protect our children has raised $30,000 for the event. people can exchange guns for money, no questions asked. roger lee and james cook have children in palo alto schools
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were deeply affected by the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. they will connect guns from 10:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. those officers and fathers are not alone on calling for stricter gun control. dozens gathered at the corner of university and emerson in palo alto and organizing for action put that showing together. the group's message, protect your children, not the guns. >> rallies like this are an opportunity for people to get together for us to see by working together we can push our politicians for change, for sensible gun control. >> love the turnout. people really have their arms wrapped around this issue so we're thrilled. >> this event was part of a national day of action to end gun violence. organizers are calling on expanding background checks for gun purchases.
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a woman sent to prison who put a finger in a bowl of chili at a wendy's, it wasn't long ago she served four years for lying about finding a severed human finger in a bowl of wendy's chili. now she could be facing another four years behind bars, she's accused of lying to authorities to protect her son who accidentally shot himself last october. investigators say the family tried to blame someone else because is he a convicted felon and is not supposed to have a gun. >> manipulating the system and she's a flight risk. >> all i know she's a good person, she's my sister and i love he and i'll support her to the end. >> her son later admitted he lied about how he was shot. a san jose man who went into a coma after what could have been a deadly accident on the job is suing cal train he says for not providing a safe working
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environment. "today in the bay's" george kiriyama has the story. >> reporter: he had a fractured skull, broken back, broken ricks and a punctured lung. on his birthday the san jose railway worker woke up. >> it's amazinamazing. >> reporter: amazing? call it a miracle. salazar doesn't remember anything that day in november when a 39-foot-long almost 1,800 pound section of steel track smashed into his back and pinned him to the ground. he and his co-workers are fixing a damaged part of the rail north of the south san francisco cal train station when his fellow workers lost control lifting the steel track. >> the rest, what happened for a couple months, i didn't know anything until i wake up. >> reporter: salazar is suing cal train for not providing a safe work environment. in the lawsuit it says his fellow workers didn't use proper procedures or equipment when moving the steel track. >> that don't supposed to be
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happening. i think they're doing some mistake. >> reporter: the recovery has been slow. salazar is now at home but he struggles with even the simplest of tasks. his wife doesn't ever want him to go back to work on the railroad and salazar admits his days on the tracks may be done. >> i don't see him doing it because that's heavy job. >> it's not possible. i got too much damage. >> reporter: georgia kiriyama, "today in the bay." >> we did reach out to cal train for an agency response and the spokesperson says the agency cannot comment during pending litigation. a follow-up story to one we brought you earlier this week, the city of san jose will flip the switches working to reconnect some 900 street lights. crew also work along camden avenue, blossom hill and tulle road. there the lights were shut off four years ago because of budget cuts leading many of the neighborhoods in the dark. the city council approved a plan
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to get them back on. hundreds of thousands of people will line the streets of san francisco later today to celebrate the year of the snake. live look right now where preparation also soon be under way for the start of a chinese new year parade. the parade will slither through the streets of downtown san francisco and chinatown, starting here at second and market. the parade with its elaborate floats, costumes and ferocious lions, a 268-foot dragon and exploding fireworks has been a san francisco tradition since just after the gold rush. the festivities get under way at 5:30 this evening. still ahead on "today in the bay," the manhunt continues this morning for the people responsible for this deadly shooting and crash that shut down part of the las vegas strip and killed an aspiring rapper from oakland. [ crickets chirping ]
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[ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] take a look at this shot
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from san jose, it looks like the santa cruz mountains, you might need your windshield wiper this is morning but probably not later on today. new details in the deadly shooting and car crash that shut down part of the las vegas strip. this morning the clark county coroner's office confirms oakland rapper died from two gunshot wounds to the chest, 48-year-old sandra sutton wassman and 62-year-old miken bolden. the mayhem started with some argument between a group of men at the aria hotel valet parking area early thursday morning. soon they were on the vegas strip. this is an nbc news animation showing the suspect in a black range rover and kenny cherry in the gray maserati. man opening fire from the moving suv hitting cherry. the maserati sped through an
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intersection, colliding with several cars including the taxi, that bolden was driving. that taxi burst into flames. the manhunt for the shooting suspect continues this morning and bolden's family is pleading for the men inside that range rover to do the right thing. >> don't hurt nobody else, please. please turn yourself in, please turn yourself in. >> investigators continue to comb through the surveillance footage from nearby hotels, hoping to get a glimpse of the suspect. ahead on "today in the bay," it is the day giants fans have been waiting for since november, a cactus league play kicks off in arizona today but that's not the only baseball happening this spring. we'll explain. and here's a view of san francisco, already clearing out, notice the camera there bouncing around, winds will pick up, shutting down some of the light rain we saw this morning in the bay area. your full saturday forecast when we come right back.
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we are having crystal clear sky in san francisco, beautiful start to the day there, and spring training officially in full swing. the giants will open cactus league play against the angels at scottsfield stadium but the cactus league is not the only way to get your baseball fix between now and the start of the regular season. the world baseball classic will happen throughout the spring with semifinals and finals head at at&t park next month. "today in the bay's" lawrence scott is with the giants in arizona and he spoke with some of the players including today's starter, ryan vogelsong, about the honor it will be to represent their home countries. >> reporter: spring training in scottsdale goes well beyond the cactus league games as the opening rounds of the world baseball classic began just over a week from now. the semifinals and finals will be held at at&t park in the
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middle of march. ten players total in the giants organization representing their various home nation's teams with jeremy affeldt and ryan vogelsong on team usa. >> it would be nice to win this because the u.s. hasn't won it yet, it would be cool to be a part of the first u.s. team to win the tournament, so i'm excited about it. >> reporter: giants outfielder angel pagan is taking part with the puerto rican national team. >> i'm representing my country as well as the giants organization and i just want to be the best i can be out there but we are losing the focus on what are we trying to accomplish as a team to go out there and win another championship. >> reporter: keep an eye out for the new batting helmets throughout the season. safety and a good fit the considerations and no longer hard plastic. these helmet shells are made out of an aerospace grade carbon fiber composite. >> they're hard, feel like they'll protect much more, they're more compact and hopefully it's a good answer for
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us to be safe. >> reporter: lawrence scott, "today in the bay." >> i like those new helmets. manager bruce botchy announcing tim lincecum will be penciled in the number three spot in the giants rotation. barry zito will most likely pitch the home opener in game four against the cardinals. matt caine will be on the mound on opening day. for the first time in 140 years an oakland waterway is open to boaters. mayor gene quan gave the signal for a parade of boats to start down a recently opened channel at lake merit. the 507-foot panel was dammed up in the mid 1800s. the city removed the dam as part of a bond measure passed ten years ago. in a few years the city plans to knock down other dams so voters can travel all the way to the oakland estuary. >> historically the open estuary was full connection here to lake merit, and so that will improve not only the recreational
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opportunities both for boats and for the pads down there, but again it's a big improvement in water quality. >> the city will kick off the next phase of the dam demolition in just a few months and it is expected to take three years to open up the channel to the estuary. another celestial wonder for californians, this time southern californians got a green fireball streaking across the night sky last night. this is a picture taken by a photographer at the southern california weather authority. experts think the mass of the meteor that caused this bright light was likely no larger than a basketball. just a week ago people across the bay area were captivated by this fireball. person driving down south on 280 posted this video of that light show. that sure had a lot of people talking. got to love it. the weather guys are always looking up at the skies. >> anything coming from outer space occasionally. it happens in clear skies. typically this time of year you
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have a lot of clouds which ruin the view of some of the rare events we're seeing over the skies of the bay area. right now a pretty view in san jose. we still have the clouds bancke up on the eastern end of the santa clara county, out towards mt. hamilton it's covered in clouds, light rain there and the sunshine over sunol, the roads are wet there. we had enough light rain to wet the ground there on 60 past the sunol grade and san francisco looking nice. if you're waking up this morning and wondering why the road is a little damp we did have light rain in san francisco but look at how quickly the clouds pick up as the winds pick up, dry things out and give us a sunny finish to the day. 47 degrees in san francisco, 50 in oakland, 47 in san jose as well, and you can see we have these 40s to low 50s this morning because most of the night, we had cloud cover and a little bit of drizzle at times. notice the winds picking up, west-northwest and we will see the winds 10 to 25 miles per hour this afternoon, taking the clouds and the moisture that we had at the low levels and
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pushing it off to the south and east. you can see a few sprinkles near mt. hamilton east of san jose. satellite view shows you the boundary of the weather system. it was fairly weak and most of it heading east of the sierra but it took what little moisture we had and just wringed out a little bit of raindrops overnight. now we can see clearing skies and high pressure off to the west, the deeper moisture surging up to the pacific northwest. this high off the west will be a wall in the pacific that no storms will be able to reach the bay area over the next few days. clearing skies today, west-northwest winds picking one some cool sunshine, should see highs mainly in the 50s and tomorrow we'll see the numbers coming up a few extra degrees. today close to 60 in san jose, upper 50s toward livermore and near 60 degrees in fairfield, some of the warmer places around the trivalley near low 60s. the best bet of finding those low to mid-60s will be around santa rosa as the winds pick up out of the northwest and help to dry out the air and warm things up for the afternoon. the trend for the weekend,
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drizzle shutting down. we'll see a dry finish to the weekend, a little bit warmer as we get into sunday. if you like warming temperatures here by february into early march standards, you're going to find it by the second half of the seven-day forecast. you can see 60s, maybe even some low 70s. this will be passing wednesday, thursday, and friday, and while the weather is nice, everyone appreciates a nice sunny day while your relatives on the east coast deal with snow, and now we're getting through two months, the two key months of snowpack building for the sierra and rainfall in the bay area, still looking quite dry. it's nice to get the sun but we need rain and snow to come on back. >> grandma visiting from new york is not complaining about the weather. thank you very much, rob. coming up on "today in the bay," one woman's mission to save thousands of animals and find them new homes. it is a story that will make you bay area proud.
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dogs and cats aren't the only animals at a local shelter. mill valley woman wants to add bunnies to the list of adoptees. save-a-bunny has been successful, rescuing rabbit, they were granted $25,000 by the aspca to expand their operation. garvin thomas has the story that will make you bay area proud. >> reporter: marsie shoff is on her way to keep a streak alive. on her way to san francisco animal care and control to rescue a rabbit. >> we are going to look at a bunny who has bitten somebody there. okay, sweetie. how bad are you? >> reporter: and a rabbit no longer considered fit for adoption is one not long for the world. except this is where marsie comes in. >> you're a good boy. yes you are. >> reporter: thanks to her save-a-bunny organization, she says the san francisco shelter
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hen hasn't had to euthanize a rabbit in close to ten years. >> there you go. >> reporter: and they won't be starting today. >> hi, kathy it's marsie from save-a-bunny. >> reporter: marsie wasn't always a bunny's best friend. she was an advertising and marketing executive for years. it wasn't until she burned out though on the corporate track that she landed on the bunny trail. >> i've always loved animals, but i didn't really picture this being a career. it's okay. >> reporter: it started by falling in love with a species after fostering just one. >> they're way smarter than people think. they're super intelligent, they're very opinionated. >> reporter: but the more marsie appreciated them, the more she felt the rest of the world didn't. too many unwanted rabbits, too many abused rabbits, too few resources, particularly when compared to those given to dogs and cats. >> they are truly the underdogs
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and i have always had a thing for helping the underdog in my life. and they desperately need help. >> reporter: so marsie started saving them and she couldn't stop. she says she has never worked longer, never worked harder. marsie is constantly managing the flow of rabbits among shelters, foster homes and her own basement, and any one time there are 150 rabbits in the save-a-bunny network. over the life of the group, they've spared some 5,000 rabbits their lives. >> it's both heart-breaking and it's hopeful, depending on the day. he came from a big breeder confiscation in santa cruz. when he got here, he could barely raise his head. >> reporter: marsie says it can be at times overwhelming. as hard as she tries, she can't possibly save them all. but not trying wouldn't save a single one.
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>> you're a good boy. i love you. >> and that was garvin thomas reporting. "today in the bay" continues with the historic move by president obama and his administration for equal rights. what the white house had to say to the supreme court about gay marriage. plus fists fly on the diamond, and now some of these players are benched after this bench-clearing brawl. can
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good morning to you, looking live from one of our san jose cameras, looking at our lady of guadalupe church on east san antonio street. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez along with meteorologist rob mayeda and when i came in, i had to use my windshield wipers but if i left now i won't. >> we need you for 30 more minutes but you should be okay. we did have light rain this morning and that's moved on and
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the radar is looking fairly quiet except around mt. hamilton where some of the clouds are banked up on the east side of santa clara county this morning. notice the temperatures, 40s to near 50 and the winds will pick up, one of the reasons why our skies are clearing out setting us up for an afternoon that will be breezy but dry, mostly sunny as the clouds thin out, upper 50s to near 60 today and the seven-day forecast does bring a chance of 60s and 70s, not 60% to 70% chances of rain but temperatures, we'll show you that and if that's going to impact tomorrow's forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, rob, see you in a bit. new insight this morning into why pope benedict may be stepping down. the respected italian newspaper reports the pope made the decision after getting the results of an internal investigation into scandal at the vatican. among the things reportedly exposed in the 300-page report, blackmail, corruption and sex at the vatican. the newspaper says the pope
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ordered the investigation last may after his butler was arrested. the pope plans to personally hand over the report to his successor. meantime there is a mounting pressure in the u.s. and italy to keep cardinal roger mahoney away from the conclave to choose the next pope because of his role in shielding sexually abusive priests. the associated press is reporting that italian newspapers have profiled cardinals whose presence at the conclave would be "an embarrassment to the vatican." among them are irish cardinal sean brady, and belgian cardinal godfried daniels. the cardinals that will elect the next pope are said to be more conservative than the ones that elected pope benedict back in 2005. the pope has hand picked more than half of the cardinals who will elect his successor. the rest were chosen by john paul ii. both men shared a determination to reassert a more conservative
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catholicism. as for the next pope, cardinal theodore mccarrick says the conclave will elect the right person for the job. >> you're not going to go for your buddy or nationalists or someone you think will do you a favor or give you more auxiliaries or something like to. you're voting, you should be voting for a man you think god wants to govern and serve the church at this time. >> the pope is expected to officially step down next week. the obama administration is urging the supreme court to strike down the federal law on same-sex marriage benefits. the white house filed paperwork arguing that the 1996 defense of marriage act or doma is unconstitutional. the law denies same-sex couples legally married under state law a number of important federal benefits like social accurate survivor benefits and family medical leave protections
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afforded to heterosexual couples. the legal brief does not address the separate challenge to prop eight which will be heard by the supreme court on march 26th. for the first time in years, an oakland man is waking up a free man. he walked out of jail yesterday after serving seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit. "today in the bay's" stephanie tuong has the emotional homecoming. >> all right? >> um-hum. >> are you? >> i'm all right. >> reporter: it lasted just a few seconds but the hug shared between mom and son was the first outside jail in courtroom walls. then ronald ross disappeared ready to start fresh. just an hour earlier ronald walked out of jail, his 2006 attempted murder conviction overturned at last. the anger he once harbored no longer in his life. >> since god talked to me, he blessed me to be free again. >> we knew. >> we knew. >> reporter: randy harvey had
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tears in his eyes as he described the frustration of trying to tell police ronald had been with him during the shooting. >> i had some investigators come to my house and basically call me a liar, but me and her knew. >> reporter: it took a four-year investigation by a san francisco law firm, a private investigator and the northern california innocence project to free ronald, who faced 25 years to life behind bars. >> he was released, so it's truly a rewarding, wonderful thing to be able to do. >> reporter: there are serious allegations that the oakland police sergeant in charge of the investigation not only did shoddy work but showed the shooting victim six photos and told him to pick ross' picture out of the line-up. they requested all materials from an off site storage and will have an update next week. >> happy day for me. >> reporter: for mom and son, they're cherishing what's to come. >> he said we're going to be all right, mama and i'm quite sure
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it will be all right because the lord let me live to see him get out. >> that was stephanie truong reporting. ross is originally from louisiana and he says he will be taking a much needed vacation there to see his four adult children. this morning, a former actor and theater eacher jason pedroza is facing chilz molestation charges. police in pleasant hill began investigating the 27-year-old san bruno san after getting tips he engaged in sex acts with underaged girls. police believe the alleged crimes occurred while he was working with the center repertory in walnut creek. he also worked as a ballet school, so now police are urging anyone who might have had contact with pedroza to contact them. a san jose railroadworker says it is amazing that he is still alive. he survived a terrible accident when a 39-foot steel track
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smashed into his back and nearly killed him. now he is suing cal train. jose is alazha says he doesn't remember exactly what happened in november when the almost 1,800-pound section of steel track hit him and pinned him to the ground. he and his co-workers were fixing a damaged section of rail north of the south san francisco cal train station when his fellow officers somehow lost control while lifting that steel track. salazar was in a coma for about a month. he suffered a fractured skull, a broken back, broken ribs and a punctured lung. on his birthday, the san jose railroadworker woke up. >> the rest, what happened for a couple months, i didn't know anything until i wake up. >> salazar is suing cal train for not providing a safe work environment. the agency cannot comment on pending litigation. on his way to get a marriage
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license an off-duty police officer from san jose sprung into action,' rested a robber on a bar train. >> i hear a woman screaming he's got my purse, help me, help me, other passengers are trying to intervene but this person is defeating their measures. someone started to try to tase him and that didn't work. if you've done law enforcement long enough it's in your blood. you're not going to watch someone get hurt or victimized and stand by and do nothing. >> the sergeant frederick coto intervened and was able to physically detain the suspect until uniformed officers arrived. he never got off the bar train though because he and his fiance had an appointment to get that marriage license. he says it's probably his last arrest since he's about to undergo his fifth knee surgery which will most likely force him to retire. what a shame. a gun buy-back event spear-headed by two bay area fathers is taking place on the peninsula. protect our children has raised more than $30,000 for today's
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event which will trade cash for firearms, no questions asked. organizers roger lee and james cook have children in palo alto schools and were deeply affected by the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. police officers from menlo park, palo alto and east palo alto collect the guns at city hall in east palo alto from 10:00 to 2:00 in the afternoon. a possible medical break-through in the fight against breast cancer and a basketball trick shot like you've never seen before.
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good morning, everybody. good to have you with us. we are looking live from our san bruno mountain camera, a nice shot of the city in the distance. it could be a game changer a new weapon in the fight against breast cancer, it is approved by
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the fda, oncologists are calling it a smart bomb but officially it's called kadcyla. it's made by genentech in san francisco. officials in northern california received that drug in clinical trials and studies show it helped people live nearly six months longer than patients who had traditional treatment. oncologists say it delivers the benefits of chemowithin the cancer cells so patients can avoid common side effects like hair loss and nausea. new this morning, microsoft is the latest victim of computer hackers. the software giant says that a small number of its computers were infected with malware, but that there is no evidence any customer data was compromised. the security breach is reportedly similar to the hacking attack at facebook and apple earlier this month. microsoft is now investigating how that attack happened. still ahead on "today in the bay," eyeing the oscars, the bay area connection to one of the films looking to win big at the
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academy awards. here's a look outside back out from the east bay looking back over to san francisco, you can see clearing skies and a very dry looking seven-day forecast after the drizzle that moved through this morning, we'll look at your weekend forecast when we come right back.
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welcome back as we show you san francisco, you can see alcatraz there, just kind of bathing in the sunshine right now. the clouds moved on from san francisco. let's take you over to the east bay right now. sunol the roadway around 680 still a little damp from the light rain that fell and the sun breaking through and in san jose, things drying out but you can see the clouds off to the east around mt. hamilton. sun starting to reach the santa clara valley as we watch still a few sprinkles there east of san jose we'll show you that on the radar in a moment. right now 40s to near 50 outside. 50 in oakland, clearing skies north to south now as the winds pick up, this is going to bring in some drier air, help to clear
7:43 am
out our skies but with that cool breeze out of the northwest, the thermometer may say 62 but may feel like it as we move through the afternoon. bit warmer towards tomorrow. right now east of san jose you saw the clouds there, those are the sprinkles and light rain showers, still happening around mt. hamilton but that's about it. after this morning we did have areas of lighter rain that continues to move on as our skies start to clear you can see that frontal boundary moving off to the south and east, that gave us just enough lift to wring out light rain drop this is morning and with high pressure building in from the west not only are we going to see clearing skies today but it's likely over the next five to seven days we're not going to see much in the way of rain or even in snow in the forecast especially for the second half of the week so this morning what's left of the light rain in the sierra, a few snow showers through mid morning but by sunday if you're traveling to the high country, lake wind advisory may stay breezy into sunday but should see fairly good driving conditions, chilly
7:44 am
nights but dry days in the sierra to wrap up the weekend. 59 the my san jose, low 60s in the warmer places. 58 around livermore and north winds into sonoma county will see that warming drying effect as it drops down into elevation, we'll see low 60s and maybe some mid-60s on sunday, 57 in san francisco, cool on the coast as long as the winds are coming in out of the northwest but even the coastline will warm up as you pass the middle part of the week. the weekend will see less clouds tomorrow, other than a patch of two or fog. we're going to get clearing skies, high pressure building back across northern california, we'll see warming 60s and 70s, gorgeous weather for sure, but we still need some rain and snow right now. we got a little something on tuesday, a lot of snow around the bay area hilltops on tuesday and now that pattern is moving further to the north and as long as the jet stream is aimed in on
7:45 am
western washington we'll get clouds in the bay area. >> it was like what is that last tuesday. >> we had winter for a day. >> it's a lovely climate, thank you. the academy awards are tomorrow and some bay area students will be keeping a very close eye on the award for best picture. our business and tech reporter scott budman introduces us to talented visual effects students who made a small movie go big. >> reporter: "beast of the southern wild" took a lot of people by surprise when it became a multiple oscar nominee. >> make it a little more green. >> reporter: among those who had confidence the school of animation and visual effects here at san francisco's academy of art university. >> go back to the color correction here. >> reporter: the class which calls itself studio 400a for short worked on the film's special effects, not bad when you're hoping for a job in the industry.
7:46 am
>> it's really helpful to have shots like this on your resume when you go out into the real world. >> i put my name on the credit, it was like feeling like i really did something and i have a feeling that i can do something after i graduate and that sounds really good. >> reporter: the students are responsible for many of the movie's visual effects, working countless hours to make the movie look just right, even though "beast" was made on a budget of less than $2 million. >> that's sort of the idea is we help struggling filmmakers, connect them with students, they get really great footage, the students get for their portfolio, and we help independent filmmakers in the process get their films done and their stories told. >> when we started working on it, with he had no idea how this was going to turn out. we literally had no idea. the budget was small, the director needed help with the visual effects so he asked a lot of us to do work on it. >> reporter: a big screen success story with a big boost
7:47 am
from bay area students who have their eyes on the future. >> those fundamental, those base values that you learn in here and a little bit more will help you like segue straight into their own pipeline and it would be like second nature basically. >> reporter: in san francisco, scott budman, "nbc bay area news." >> we have more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, it was an ugly day at the ball park as fists fly between two california colleges. we'll show you what led them to this bench-clearing brawl. but first here's "today in the bay's" mike inouye with a list of things to do this weekend. >> good morning. i'm mike inouye and there's lots to do "today in the bay," here in silicon valley, we've had high profile ceo, carol, carly and marissa, it may seem silly but there's a need to keep exposing our daughters to the field of engineering. and to that end introduce a girl to engineering day, the international event celebrated during engineers week this week
7:48 am
observed today at the children's creativity museum in san francisco, get them and yourself inspired by real life women engineers like the folks from roominate, two stanford alums who will blur the line from education and fun and helping parents bring science home and continue the spirit of innovation for their kids. > south bay museum is putting down family day, i'm a native californians but they're talking acorn mash and i was born later than that. it is something we should know about especially if you moved here any time after fourth grade because that's when we had california history in social studies. also, much history behind tonight, the jewish holiday called porem, celebrating in temple is tradition by rabbi marc blum.
7:49 am
he takes his current list and adapts it to the traditional holiday. he does original rewrites of rock 'n' roll at temple beth abraham in oakland. every year he ups the anteand this year gangnam style. we have to listen. if you're hankering for the hamentashen they'll be serving those up, the three-corner cookies. this is your three-option calendar and that was your third. so take your pick, "today in the bay."
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good morning, looking live at the oracle arena where we are letting things cool down after a hot night yesterday. the san antonio spurs had beaten the warriors 16 straight times but the good news is, the spurs had never beaten a warrior team wearing short sleeves. golden state debuting their new and unique jerseys at oracle last night and proved to be good
7:52 am
luck. jarrett jack had 0 points, david lee another 25 to rally the short sleeve wearing warriors and passed the spurs in overtime 107-101. what do you think? i kind of like them. good news or rather not as good news for the sharks, the team on the wrong side of history last night in chicago losing to the blackhawks 2-1. chicago sets an nhl record for the best start to a season with at least one point in each of their first 17 games. it will be a tense day at sacramento state today because sac state and uc riverside will meet again on the baseball diamond after a bench clearing brawl broke out during yesterday's homeowner. it started with a rundown and ended with a scrum in the middle of the field. sacramento state's second baseman andrew ayers and two uc riverside players are benches for the next four game.
7:53 am
the team also play a double header later today. we have all seen amazing buzzer beaters and half court shots but probably not like this one. take a look. ♪ i want ta do that. that is university cheerleader ashley arnault making the half court shot. she's tried repeatedly and as luck would have it, she finally succeeded making the amazing feat during the last home game of the season on thursday night. that is awesome. we will be right back with another look at your weekend's forecast.
7:54 am
7:55 am
the first lady set out to fight child obesity with her let's move campaign. michelle obama last night got
7:56 am
moving with jimmy fallon. ♪ fallon dressed up like a mom, he says, and put together the evolution of mom dancing with mrs. obama. the host even asked the first lady about a possible run for president in 2016. mrs. obama replied, joking, that she has her eye on another job, host of "tonight show." take that, jimmy fallon. >> very nice. i'm glad you mentioned jimmy fallon i never would have known who was dancing with her unless you pointed that out. >> can we get our yard work done? >> i think so, some nice dry weather for you. sounds like you have a bit of a cold so you probably appreciate the clearing skies in san jose. look at your forecast some light rain off by mt. hamilton. 40s and 50s outside right now. the winds helping to clear out our skies so today we will see those skies clearing from north to south and temperatures this
7:57 am
afternoon a bit on the cool side, upper 50s to some 60s as we go through the day and then tomorrow a bit warmer, more sunshine to finish off the weekend. >> my head feels as cloudy as that shot. rob will be back with you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 111 k.
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